“The language of these poems is rich, sonorous, and precise. The intelligence is keen and never flagging. Add to this a sensuality that is occasionally sexy and always appealing. The combination of these qualities makes Gray Jacobik a rare poet, one not to be missed.”  - James Tate


“Gray Jacobik’s The Double Task vibrates with an intensely female spirit, a voice that is eager to declare her presence and flood the world with her worlds. Her language is both lush and smart, rich and crafted. And her cultural scope―which includes Erik Satie and Pinocchio, Sappho and Magritte―allows her, like the English metaphysicals, to use what she knows to discover and express what she feels. Open this book, and it will pull you in.”  - Billy Collins


“There’s a sensuousness of language married to unabashed passion and the richness of her mind . . . . Jacobik captures female awareness in its physical magnitude and celebrates the larger, often ecstatic, victory beyond.” -Linda Gregg

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