"Gray Jacobik’s The Banquet is a feast of opposites, a carnival of contraries. The highwire walker who has created such poems is perfectly balanced between heaven and earth. It is rare to encounter truth-saying that is so wholly sensual and philosophical, sexual and intellectual at the same breath-taking moment, so witty but also sober in its assessments, so utterly simple and complex. None have seen, smelled, tasted, heard and touched this world with greater love and accuracy than Gray Jacobik, while at the same time sensing the world of spirit with every ounce of her being. Most importantly, her poems are inherently moral in their visceral refusal to espouse conventional morality, their insistence on raising it to a higher level. You will find yourself singing as you emerge from this carnival of mind and body and spirit!"                                                                   Rennie McQuilkin, CT Poet Laureate


The William Meredith Foundation, established after Meredith's death in 2007, celebrates the essential act of communication poetry plays in human endeavor and recognizes the spirit of Meredith's work and his continuing legacy.  The Foundation's Board of Directors has honored Gray Jacobik by awarding the William Meredith Award for Poetry to The Banquet. 

Comprised of more than 200 poems written over a period of 25 years, The Banquet is published by Poets' Choice Press.