" It's terrific!!!!!. . . . . A blockbuster . . .  " Robert Dana


“In Little Boy Blue, Gray Jacobik’s amazing ability to traverse from the innermost part of individual experience to the absurdity and cruelty of the social world is given full compass. I love this poem. I love how rich it is, going back and forth in time, and how true it feels; how the story of this particular mother and son deepens as it unfolds, though from the beginning it is very deep. Clear, complicated without seeming so, with long winding sentences that one follows absolutely, the turn of the line always right, the tension between line and sentence integral: Jacobik’s language keeps us with her, taking us exactly―and masterfully--where she wants us to go. Hers is a rare gift.”  -  Carol Moldaw 

“I’m not given to reading poetry books straight through, but I did sit down and read Little Boy Blue that way. I started and didn’t stop until I’d finished an hour and a half later. It’s terrific!!!!!!! A blockbuster––in its honesty, first of all; in the quality of the life and emotions it conveys; in the heartbreak, in the great struggle of the spirit to survive, and finally, to triumph. It’s a hell of a life with a story to match, and Jacobik does it great justice.”  -  Robert Dana 

“Gray Jacobik dares to aim at integration, at re-membering. By the time Little Boy Blue accrues so artfully to its final lines (breaking like waves on the shore) it is more gratifying than a dozen sequences or series. The poem enacts the partly willed, partly allowed restor(y)ing of the past, beyond the false narrative of guilt and redemption.”  - Richard Hoffman

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