“Remarkable poems in which Jacobik paints her way, using Realism, Impressionism, and Surrealism, into such elations as would rip your heart out. These are poems of arriving and vanishing, mergings of classical concerns with dot-coms, blunt sexuality and wounded prayers. Debris and shabby truths are acknowledged and transformed into the Good. A lucid poetry, filled with information, expertly crafted, amazing work. Wallace Stevens walks with her.”  - Dick Allen

“These poems feel solid, well-built, masterful . . . Ideas and memories synthesize with the lush natural imagery of daily life. Jacobik’s love of detail recalls the best of Moore and Bishop, but with a sensuality that is fresh and contemporary.” - Marilyn Chin

At the center of these poems is a writer who is willing to open herself fully to the world’s and living’s beautiful strangeness and capricious painfulness . . . Gray Jacobik’s poems always reach for, and often miraculously translate, the ‘scintillating possibilities’ within and beyond our reach.” - Robert Cording

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