"A Thirst for Knowledge"  by Gray Jacobik

"A Thirst for Knowledge"  by Gray Jacobik

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"The language of these poems is rich, sonorous, and precise. The intelligence is keen and never flagging. Add to this a sensuality that is occasionally sexy and always appealing. The combination of these qualities makes Gray Jacobik a rare poet, one not to be missed."   - James Tate

“Jacobik’s language is both lush & smart, rich & crafted . . .” -  Billy Collins

“Sensuousness, surprise, sharp-mindedness are the distinguishing marks of The Double Task, making it a distinct and happy addition to contemporary American poetry.” -  Eamon Grennan

“Jacobik’s . . . poems happen to one, they are not merely read.” - James Cervantes


“A lucid poetry . . . expertly crafted, amazing work. Wallace Stevens walks with her.”    Dick Allen

“Jacobik’s love of detail recalls the best of Moore & Bishop . . . with a sensuality that's fresh and contemporary.”  Marilyn Chin